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Why Choose Turf?

Not Your Father's AstroTurf!

Synthetic turf has come a long way in the last twenty years. You probably remember hearing about all of the abrasions and injuries caused by the old sports field turfs.

PerfectLawn is a leading synthetic turf supplier providing a safe, comfortable, and durable surface for sports teams. FieldTurf has quickly become the turf-of-choice of the NFL, MLB, FIFA, and college and high school sports teams. It is installed in numerous countries around the world and in every climate on earth.

The same characteristics that make FieldTurf a great solution for sports fields makes PerfectLawn by FieldTurf a wonderful solution for your yard!

PerfectLawn is America's largest artificial grass company and exclusive FieldTurf supplier for synthetic grass lawns, home putting greens, playground surfacing, commercial and military landscaping.


Most Realistic Turf Available

PerfectLawn's monofilament fiber and color blends give it a natural look, unlike any other competitor's turf. Our newest Supra and Lush series artificial grass look exactly like the real thing. Your friends, family, and neighbors won't be able to tell the difference between your new PerfectLawn yard and an expensive, professionally manicured natural lawn. It's so realistic, you'd have to see it to believe it.

Long Life Expectancy

PerfectLawn, manufactured by FieldTurf, the world-leader in synthetic sports fields, is the most durable synthetic grass in the industry. Designed with NFL use in mind, the same technology that makes FieldTurf the ultimate sports turf also makes PerfectLawn by FieldTurf the longest lasting product for your home. Resistant to fading, tearing, and shedding, our synthetic grass gives you the homefield advantage, providing years of cost savings, enjoyment, and beauty.

Because of our superior manufacturing, PerfectLawn carries an eight-year warranty.

Pays for Itself in Water Maintenance Savings

PerfectLawn synthetic grass is not only one of the most effective water conservation products available, but also environmentally friendly in many other ways and is a truly "green" product. It is 100% recyclable, reduces carbon emissions, re-utilizes waste, and preserves our water resources. With PerfectLawn, you get a beautiful, virtually maintenance-free, water-saving lawn that saves you money and helps our planet by providing a water-saving landscape. On average, a PerfectLawn lawn saves residents upwards of 70% on their yearly water bill.

Perfect for Pets

The bottom line is now you can have a dog AND a perfect lawn. With over 80% of our customers being dog owners, and installations in such places as the Humane Society and many other pet care facilities, PerfectLawn is the proven perfect solution for your yard if you have pets.

Liquids drain right through, droppings can be picked up as they would be with regular grass and/or washed off with a hose. And, dogs can't dig through it. Muddy paw tracks on your carpet will be a thing of the past!

Drains Better Than Real Grass

PerfectLawn drains better than real grass and better than the competitor's turf. Our patented 100% permeable synthetic grass means no more muddy mess. Your lawn and your home will stay cleaner with a beautiful new synthetic lawn from PerfectLawn. Because there is no dirt and no water needed to maintain a PerfectLawn yard, your family, friends, and pets can enjoy your new lawn without having to worry about dirty footprints.

Professional Service with an Unrivaled Warranty

PerfectLawn offers one of the most comprehensive warranties in the business. We also warranty our installation by sending trained installers to your home to give you the assurance that your installation will be done right the first time. If there is a problem, it will be taken care of by PerfectLawn. You won't be in the middle of a battle between the company that SOLD you the artificial turf and the company that INSTALLED the artificial turf.

Choose PerfectLawn for Your Next Project

Quality synthetic grass landscaping will provide you with much more than a green lawn and a means of conserving water. Done correctly, your new lawn will be an investment in your property, enhancing your lifestyle by providing a beautiful and always-available living space for your home.

Our customers constantly tell us their lives have changed for the better by their investment in an PerfectLawn synthetic grass lawn. They are amazed at the results and numerous benefits it provides, usually above their initial expectations. See for yourself how much a beautiful, problem-free, green landscape would improve your family’s lifestyle!

With a PerfectLawn lawn, you can say goodbye to your residential landscaping problems and the expense of watering and maintaining a traditional lawn. You'll always have a beautiful, maintenance-free lawn that pays for itself AND increases the value of your home in the process.

Besides resolving the myriad traditional landscaping problems, investing in a PerfectLawn yard provides lifestyle enhancement by having a lawn that is always available, never looks bad, is good for the environment, and saves precious water resources.

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